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Serving the Over 50 Job Seeker

Serving the Over 50 Job Seeker

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Are you over 50 and looking for a new job?

Here are a few pointers from the Founder of JobSearch50, a former Human Resources Executive.


If it has been a long time since you looked for a new job, I can tell you that things have really changed. The way that companies hire, assess and on-board new employees is a lot different from what you experienced when you started your work life so many years ago. JobSearch50 is here to provide you guidance on what you can expect when beginning your job search journey as a 50 and older job seeker.

A lot of employers have turned to using algorithms/predictive analytics that parse and score resumes, they essentially take the human being out of the process. This is why it is very important to have a professionally drafted resume that targets key words that apply to the position and industry that you are looking for a position in. This will also help you pass the 6-second test in scenarios when a recruiter does review your resume. There are plenty of available job opportunities for older workers, so get started on crafting your resume and applying for that new position.

Here is a list of some things you might experience when going through the hiring and on-boarding process with a new company.


New Hire Process

New Hire Assessments

New hire assessments are used for any applicant regardless of age but as a job seeker 50 and older, here is what you can expect. These hire assessments come in many forms including blue collar and white collar. When taking these assessments prepare yourself for a lot of frustration and head scratching. Remember to always be truthful when completing assessments, they are designed to know when you have turned on the B*** S*** and you start answering questions the way you think they want you to!


Background Investigations

As an over 50 job seeker you pull together documents that show proof of education, training certificates and references. Make sure you are in alignment with previous employers regarding your dates of employment. Most companies will verify through a screening company your education, criminal history, credit history, previous employers, previous residences, etc. Make sure you provide accurate information regarding these items through the hiring process including what is on your resume, on-line application and even your social media pages. Don’t let discrepancies between your resume, application, and social media cause you to lose out on an opportunity.


Drug Testing

Most companies conduct pre-employment drug testing regardless of the position you are applying to. Make sure that the CBD that we all love is THC free or you run the risk of testing positive and losing that dream opportunity.


On–Boarding Process


Here are a few examples of what to expect in the first few weeks or longer from larger and some medium sized and smaller employers.


  • One or more employees may be assigned to help make sure that you feel welcomed to the organization and to help you acclimate to the team.
  • Help you to understand your job responsibilities and expectations.
  • Help you to get started with and fully understand the training requirements.
  • Teach you about the culture and history of the organization.
  • Develop a network of peers and support culture.


Do not let these new processes alarm you, just relax, prepare and you will get through them just fine. Browse our selection of job opportunities for older workers and get your resume to perfection with the help of JobSearch50.

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