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Serving the Over 50 Job Seeker

Serving the Over 50 Job Seeker

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About Us

JobSearch50 was developed in 2019 with the goal of creating employment opportunities for people over 50 years old. At JobSearch50 we want individuals to embrace their desire to continue working, and we want to market employers that advocate for equal work opportunity. Our site posts thousands of jobs for people after retirement, senior citizens, baby boomers, and mature workers that are specifically for applicants over the age of 50.  


It may be difficult to compete with those who are entering the workforce on typical job sites, or it may be hard finding the right employer. JobSearch50 offers an exclusive community where the only people you compete with are those 50 years and older, and the employers who post jobs want to hire in this age range. Everyone wins!


Previous job experience builds talent, expertise, and passion. You should be able to showcase these qualities no matter your age.


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Jobs for Senior Citizens After Retirement


Here at Jobsearch50, we have your best interest in mind.


By posting your resume on JobSearch50 you are helping to change the way employers and society view older workers.

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